Food for your dog

Pedro Meal®

Daily maintenance for junior, adult and senior dogs in a range of taste and wellness plus

Since 10 years Pedro means loyalty, health and value for money for the nutrition of your dog. Today Pedro has a new formula, richer in protein and fats and above all Pedro is a line of products rich in taste and wellness for junior, adult and senior dogs


Discover the new line...try the best value with the best price

Pedro Meal® Junior

Helps digestion
All the nutrients and a good taste for your puppies.

Pedro Meal® Chicken and rice

Complete and high digestible food for dogs
Lightness and digestibility of chicken and rice

Pedro Meal® Lamb and potatoes

The excellent qualities of lamb meet potatoes in a triumph of taste and wellness
Strengthens the muscle tone

Pedro Meal® Tuna and salmon

Precious food for its natural source from fishes of essential fatty acids
Rich in Omega 3

Pedro Meal® Special Formula

Daily maintenance for oral care
The classic Pedro meal in a richer formula with more protein and more fats

Pedro Meal® Longevity

Maintenance food for senior dogs that helps to prevent free radicals
Lightness and health for your senior dogs
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