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Sbaffy® Dolce Incontro

Products for the healthy nutrition of your cat

Sbaffy is a complete food that incorporates the best natural ingredients you can offer your cat today. Highly selected, fresh raw materials are integrated with nourishing mixtures of meat and cereals, mineral salts and vitamins, to satisfy every requirement for the healthy nutrition of your animal friend. Our estensive experience in the field and genuine love for animals enables us to offer a complete range of petfood in a variety of flavours and mixtures to ensure that your cat stays healthy, in perfect form, and always ready to purr.
It contains essential fatty acids omega 6, omega 3 for the health of skin and to reduce inflammatory processes.
The low content of magnesium controls pH values reducing the risk of calculi formation. Vitamin A is precious for the eyesight of your cat. The good Ca/P ratio helps the growth and sustains the structure of teeth and bones. Iron and zinc are important elements for the transport of oxygen through the entire body. Very high quality protein to develop strong muscles, and vitamins and minerals for the total health of your cat.

Sbaffy is available as:

CHICKEN AND VEGETABLES, valuable and light proteins of chicken for a light and complete food
FISH AND VEGETABLES, a precious content of herrings, very digestible and tasty.
BEEF AND VEGETABLES, the best beef meat plus the important nutritional properties of vegetables
MULTIGUSTO, a tasty mix of ingredients and tastes for the most exigent cats. Multigusto unify all the properties of the previous three references.

Sbaffy Multitaste
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Sbaffy Fish & vegetables
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Sbaffy Chicken & vegetables
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Sbaffy Beef & vegetables
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